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'CEETL & AT Events' List Information

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General Information
List Display Name
CEETL & AT Events
List Owner
workshop@sfsu edu (workshop@sfsu.edu)
Deb Perry (debperry@sfsu.edu)
Teggin Summers (teggin@sfsu.edu)
Heidi Rae Fridriksson (heidif@sfsu.edu)
Maggie Beers (mbeers@sfsu.edu)
Leilani Serafin (lserafin@sfsu.edu)
Angie Petty (apetty@sfsu.edu)
Konstantina Seni (kseni@sfsu.edu)
Brian Neumann (brianneumann@sfsu.edu)
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List Description
This list will keep you updated on the latest faculty and staff professional development opportunities for teaching and learning offered by Academic Technology and the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning at SF State University.